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Wine producers are at the mercy of many variables when it comes to trying to turn a profit. Consumer confidence and the weather are probably at the top of the list. Well, in Italy at least, first signs are that 2022 will be a good vintage, even as consumers’ tightening wallets are having a negative effect. But there is a new hurdle to overcome this year: finding the bottles to put the wine in.

For reasons that are not completely clear, but which can mostly be filed under the heading “supply chain,” but which include rocketing costs for energy and raw materials, glass bottles are harder to find and much more expensive than they used to be. A wine maker buying glass bottles today could easily have to pay 30% more than they did last year.
The wine sector accounts for something like 45% of the market for glass bottles, which until recently was on a rapid rise – currently over 5 million tonnes, compared with 4 million tonnes in 2016, valued at over 2.4 billion euros. Sparkling wine producers probably paid much more for their bottles last year than they did in 2020.

Right on cue, SIPA now presents the first PET bottle in the world for sparkling wine. The company’s Packaging Development Team has developed a product that is perfect for replacing traditional glass bottles, capable of running on existing filling lines.
A key part of the SIPA innovation is the bottle neck, which looks just like the glass version, meaning that it accepts the classical mushroom-shaped cork with its metal cage. The base also looks the same as the original. The design provides a top-load resistance of 3500N.
The PET bottles have already been tested on glass lines, demonstrating perfect interchangeability with glass versions.

Sparkling wine consumers will enjoy the same experience with the new containers as they always have, from uncorking to pouring. But they may notice that the PET versions are lighter at just 90g (glass bottle average weight for sparkling wine is 720/750g) and less likely to break – which is also great for changing supply logistics as sales via e-commerce and home delivery continue to rise. It is always useful to mention that this dramatic decreasing on bottle weight may surely have a positive impact on Co2 emission due to a more efficient logistic.
So…CIN CIN, as we say in Italy!


Asolo Prosecco presents the genius of Antonio Canova

The bubbles of Asolo, with a national communication campaign, are alongside the review “Canova and pain.

Asolo Prosecco presents the genius of Antonio Canova


La stele Mellerio ”, running until 5 November in Possagno (Treviso), in the heart of the production area.

Asolo Prosecco pays homage to the genius of Antonio Canova with a national communication campaign on the bicentenary of the death of the sculptor, the greatest exponent of Italian neoclassicism. The artist was born in Possagno (Treviso), in the heart of the Asolo Prosecco production area, and in the splendid Antonio Canova Gypsotheca Museum, set up in his birthplace, the exhibition “Canova and pain . The Mellerio stele ”. Among the partners of the exhibition, the Asolo Prosecco Consortium, committed to underlining the strong link between the denomination and the artistic and natural beauties of its territory. Precisely for this reason, all the images of the countryside, which portray the splendid sculptures kept inside the Museum, are accompanied by the payoff “Wine is culture”, already used by the Asolo Prosecco Consortium to promote the town of Asolo last winter. , one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
“Possagno, Asolo and all the other localities of our denomination – explains Ugo Zamperoni, president of the Asolo Prosecco Consortium – represent a cultural heritage to be carefully guarded, extraordinary places where art, history, architecture, woods and vineyards are a counterpoint to the slopes of the heroic hills from which Asolo Prosecco is born. Here, the vineyard occupies only 6% of the territory, the olive trees dot the territory and woods and forests still cover 29% of the municipal areas. We are proud of our biodiversity, just as we are of the history and art of our places, which we invite you to visit, perhaps to toast with a glass of Asolo Prosecco to the genius of Antonio Canova “.
The communication campaign will involve national newspapers and local newspapers of the most important Italian cities, as well as some prestigious magazines and consortium social profiles. The shots were made by the photographer Filippo Guerra, the graphics are the work of the Veronese studio Paffi.
The exhibition “Canova and pain. The Mellerio stele “, from an idea by Vittorio Sgarbi, president of the Canova Foundation in Possagno, is curated by Francesco Leone and Stefano Grandesso under the artistic direction of Contemplazioni. The exhibition finds its apex in the recomposition, for the first time since their dismemberment, of the two Mellerio monuments, commissioned by Count Giacomo Mellerio in memory of his uncle Giovanni Battista and his wife Elisabetta Castelbarco, after visiting Canova’s Roman studio.

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