Wine Estate in the Oltrepo Pavese.

Wine Estate in the Oltrepo Pavese.

The winery, in a single body of about 16.5 hectares of which about 15 hectares are planted with vines, is located on the hills of Oltrepò Pavese, a triangular strip of land south of the river Po which soon becomes hilly, up to in the Apennine area.

The estate is located on a ridge almost close to the Piacenza area, at an altitude of about 250 m. SLM.

The soil has a predominantly clayey limestone composition, with slight variations from area to area. These characteristics make it very suitable for the production of structured reds and aromatic whites.

The vineyards are all registered with the DOC, and at the moment they present a mixed situation, with some of average age and others very old.


Croatina, Barbera, Pinot Nero and Malvasia

The production process complies with the regulations for organic farming. All vineyards are certified by bioagricert.

The company produces about 25,000 bottles per year, the remainder is given to private cellars.

The current structure of the cellar (vaulted red brick ceilings and constant temperature during the various seasons, with storage and aging area) can easily support up to 200/250 thousand bottles a year. The first processing line includes a hopper, a crusher-destemmer and a press. On the ground level there is the part dedicated to the actual winemaking with stainless steel tanks; a slightly higher level leads to the bottling line, consisting of a filler, capper and labeling machine.

In the company there are five apartments of about 75/80 square meters to be adapted and a parking area.

Employees: the two owners and two other people on call.

Markets: Japan, USA, Canada, distributor in Milan, and Vinivinci distributor.


For more information, send a non-binding letter of interest with data of the possible buyer to: or call + 39 375 5602855

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