Double summer appointment with the Dinner Shows of Friuli Venezia Giulia Via dei Sapori.

On 9 July in the park of Castello di Spessa in Capriva del Friuli and on 30 July on the beach of Grado

The long-awaited Dinner Shows organized by Friuli Venezia Giulia Via dei Sapori are back in July, the 20 stars of the restaurant industry who for over 20 years have been staging the most refined things Friuli Venezia Giulia offers on the table in highly evocative places. Two of the most glamorous events of the Friulian summer , in two exceptional locations: July 9th in the park of Castello di Spessa in Capriva del Friuli and July 30th on the beach of Grado (in case of bad weather, they will be postponed to the 10th and 31st respectively July). Together with the chefs, excellent winemakers and agri-food producers will give life to the refined Show Dinners: in all, a close-knit team of around sixty top level companies , standard bearers of the food and wine excellence of the region.

Two dream settings for two style and social events with haute cuisine which will not fail to amaze and which will take place with the usual successful format. After the welcome, at sunset, with the excellent products of the 14 artisans of taste who are partners of the consortium, an extraordinary journey of taste will begin for those present in 20 stages , signed by the chefs of the group’s restaurants who will cook live in front of the unpublished public dishes designed to pay homage to summer: AB Osteria Contemporanea in Lavariano di Mortegliano, Ai Fiori in Trieste, Al Gallo in Pordenone, Al Grop in Tavagnacco, Al Paradiso in Pocenia, Al Ponte di Gradisca D’Isonzo, All’Androna in Grado , Caffetteria Torinese di Palmanova, Campiello di San Giovanni Al Natisone, Carnia di Venzone, Costantini di Collalto di Tarcento, Da Nando di Mortegliano, Da Toni di Gradiscutta di Varmo, Enoteca di Buttrio , La Taverna di Colloredo Monte Albano, La Torre di Spilimbergo , Lokanda Devetak of Savogna d’Isonzo, Mondschein of Sappada, San Michele of Fagagna, Vitello d’Oro of Udine. With them, 4 Friends of the Consortium Restaurants will also be present: Alla Luna in Gorizia, Tre Merli in Trieste, Casa Valcellina in Montereale Valcellina, Da Alvise in Sutrio and, at Castello di Spessa, the resort’s restaurant, La Tavernetta al Castello .

At each station, alongside the chefs, a winemaker will taste his wines paired with the dishes on offer and will be available to the public to answer questions and curiosities. At the end, each restaurant and the consortium’s pastry chefs will present their very personal interpretation of the summer dessert, and stations will be set up for coffee and spirits .