Alta Langa DOCG arrives in the capital with a great tasting on Monday 17 June, from 10.30 to 17.30 in the setting of Palazzo Brancaccio (Viale del Monte Oppio 7 Rome).

Alta Langa DOCG arrives in the capital with a great tasting on Monday 17 June, from 10.30 to 17.30 in the setting of Palazzo Brancaccio (Viale del Monte Oppio 7 Rome).

Together with 27 other producers of Alte Bollicine Piemontesi, Cocchi will be present at the Alta Langa Consortium event, Alta Langa Roma , in the Sala di Gala , desk number 9, and will bring for tasting:

  • Alta Langa Extra Brut Organic vintage 2019
  • Alta Langa Bianc ‘d Bianc brut vintage 2018
  • Alta Langa Pas Dosé vintage 2018

The event is reserved for a professional audience (journalists, buyers, wine sellers, HoReCa). Access is free and requires registration at this link.

Cocchi and Alta Langa DOCG

In Cocchi’s tastings, great aging wines are tasted, often true challenges to time, the result of centuries-old savoir faire , respect for the method, the irreplaceable value of history, the search for excellence and profound respect for a territory unique and yet to be discovered, that of the high lands of the Langa. Cocchi was among the promoters, already at the end of the last century, of that “Gentlemen’s Agreement” which contributed to making the denomination so appreciated in Piedmont: an agreement that recognizes the role of winegrowing families as custodians of traditions and guardians of the territory. From local winemakers, who thus remain owners of their lands, Cocchi continues to purchase grapes, honoring that same agreement more than two decades later.

Cocchi’s Alta Langa DOCG is recognizable for a perfectly structured style, elegant and at the same time vibrant, of great freshness, where the Pinot wines with long aging on the yeasts and a minimum dosage of sugars are the protagonists. Like the Pinots, Cocchi’s Chardonnays also see only steel and glass and express the purity of the vine with a contemporary, rigorous and seductive imprint.

Cocchi was the first winery ever to offer an Alta Langa wine made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes ( Bianc ‘d Bianc , first vintage 2000), the first to offer a rosé wine ( Rösa , first vintage 2000) and, in 2019, even the first to launch a Grappa di Alta Langa .

The new Alta Langa Extra Brut Biologico vintage 2019 by Cocchi

In Rome it will be possible to taste, together with the Bianc ‘d Bianc Cocchi classic method Alta Langa DOCG vintage 2018 and the Pas Dosé Cocchi classic method Alta Langa DOCG vintage 2018 , the new Organic Extra Brut vintage 2019 .

This new cuvée comes from blended organic grapes (50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay). Grown on the same soil and in the same plot, the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for the Alta Langa DOCG Extra Brut Biologico 2019 originate in a single vineyard from the Monforte d’Alba area, where factors such as the white soils, the calcareous soils and dry, mainly marly, the exposure to the west, the altitude, cooperate to express a particularly healthy fruit.

We created this cuvée to research the adaptability of the Alta Langa denomination territory to organic cultivation and to identify an area more suited to this choice. The vineyard from which this cuvée comes has proven to be suitable for producing quality grapes, albeit with reduced quantities ” explained Giulio Bava, Cocchi’s winemaker.

The Cocchi style, even before it is in the glass, can already be recognized in the winemaking: the pressing of the grapes and the fermentation of the different fractions takes place separately for the two varieties in steel vats without the use of wood. The formation of the final batch takes into account only the best fermented and cold-decanted fractions, without the aid of fining agents.

The draft of the bottles being tasted, which took place on 22 May 2020, is the bottling phase of the base wine to which sugar and organic yeasts are added, responsible for the second fermentation, which lasted a month and a half.

The slow cycle of maturation on the yeasts and refinement of this special organic cuvée continued until the disgorgement of the batch, which took place 46 months later: 19 March 2024.

This sparkling wine, among the first organic of the denomination, is an extra brut, without further added sugars. Of the 2019 vintage, 12,700 bottles were produced.

Giulio Bava continues: “The Alta Langa DOCG Extra Brut Biologico 2019 is a new bet on a denomination in which we have believed and invested since the beginning, and which we have supported with energy.

Cocchi’s long history is studded with important records within the appellation: Cocchi was among the first producers to believe in Alte Piedmontese bubbles, so much so that today, in our archives, two entire decades of magnums are preserved for tasting, since “Alta Langa” was little more than a dream, a project and a brand, not yet a denomination” .

Even today, for Cocchi, full fidelity to the denomination, perfect compliance with a particularly rigorous specification, which allows the production of only vintage wines, that is, the expression of a single harvest which is reported on the label, is a point of pride; a specification that requires no less than 30 months of aging for this classic method, and Cocchi does even more, coming onto the market with cuvées that have rested on the yeasts for at least an extra year, beyond the 30 months expected, as happens today with this organic cuvée, 46 months on the yeasts ”.


Clear and crystalline in its straw color with greenish reflections. Very delicate and fine initial olfactory impact. Floral of yarrow and hawthorn. Riper hints of broom/acacia then leave room for fresh lemon, grapefruit and pomelo juices. Sensations that leave the mouth clean and clear without giving bitterness. Light limestone flavor and white pepper accompany the finish of Mediterranean herbs and nori seaweed, giving smoothness and pleasantness to the sip.