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Complete lines for bottling and packaging wine!

Spa Spa Zoppas Industries


Complete wine bottling and packaging lines from pallet to pallet.

For: Wine, Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Juices and Sensitive Products, Alcohol, Milk and Derivatives, Edible Oil.

We sell solutions for complete systems and through the engineering activity we arrive at the design of products that meet the most diverse production needs of our customers. The value of the product: engineering, standardization and customization.

With the engineering of the plant, the design is rationalized through the combination of several factors, for example:
- the customer's production requirement
- the logistical limits of the line's reception area
- the machines and belts making up the plant
- the cost of the individual components
- our commitment to respecting the environment
- guarantee a reduced overall TCO
We design systems thinking about the “product line” concept as a single production entity and not as a simple set of individual applications.

Our experience allows us to define specific standards both in the quality of service and components (standardization).
Finally, the systems are designed and built on the specific needs of each individual customer, in compliance with the high quality standards guaranteed by our complete range of systems for the production of preforms and containers:
- single-stage systems from resin to finished container
- injection presses for the production of preforms
- linear and rotary blow molding machines for the production of bottles.

To this wide range of solutions is added the Sincro-Bloc, an integrated blowing, filling / capping system and the Sincro TriBloc, an integrated blowing, labeling, filling / capping system.
Both are available in various versions and coupled with various types of fillers: isobaric, gravity, volumetric and by weight for filling various types of product: mineral waters and still and carbonated soft drinks and hot-filled products (juices, tea, isotonic ), edible oil and detergents.
Complete range of rinsing-filling-capping monoblocks for still and sparkling water, soft drinks, milk, beer, tea, fruit juices and edible oil (both in the mechanical and electronic version). All monoblocks are designed to ensure great operational flexibility, high efficiency and a drastic reduction in format changeover times.
Great attention was also paid to the sanitization of all the components involved in the filling process.
Productivity from 4,000 up to 72,000 bottles / hour.
Systems for product preparation such as saturators, traditional and automatic mass-controlled mixers, pasteurizers. Applications that guarantee ease of management and high quality standards of the final product.
Complete groups of pa / depalletizing both traditional and robotic for bottles, jars, cans, cartons, plastic crates and bundles.
Case packers for cartons and plastic cases for any type of bottles, cans and jars.
The robotic cartoning machines are particularly suitable for high-speed solutions or, thanks to the precision and flexibility of the robotic arm, for all operations that require complex manipulations such as the cartoning of lying, crossed, overturned bottles, etc.
The range also includes carton formers, carton closers and beehive inserters.

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