On Saturday 15 June at 7.30 pm, in the historic Piazza Ferrucci of Radda in Chianti (Siena), “La Cena” dei Vignaioli di Radda 2024 will take place. The occasion will be the preview presentation of the 2020 vintage of “53017” – the wine of Radda winemakers. The dinner will be accompanied by the most prestigious wines of the 25 members.

Francesco Berardinelli , chef of the ‘Barlèsh’ restaurant in Montevarchi (Arezzo), will sign the menu for this year’s dinner. Barlèsh does ‘Cucina Improvvisa’, shy and spontaneous cuisine, far from fashion, attentive to the traditions of the territory and the people who live it every day.

Francesco Berardinelli does not have a Tuscan accent: his mother is Venetian, his father Molisano. He was born in Piedmont, on Lake Maggiore and arrived in Tuscany with his parents in the seventies. After hotel school he left for New York and went to work at the ‘San Domenico’. Upon returning to Italy, he opened his first restaurant, ‘L’Osteria di Rendola’. The articles arrived, journalists noticed him and his work and in 2000 he opened the second restaurant, ‘Beccofino’ in Florence and with him he landed the cover of ‘Wine Spectator’. From that moment everything changes: chefs arrive from all over the world to taste and discover what Francesco Berardinelli cooks. Heston Blumenthal from London, Ferran Adrià from Spain and Alain Ducasse from Paris. He receives invitations, participates in the most important festivals and cooks everywhere. “I did everything as a chef, I achieved what I wanted and I am now in the right place, what was already in my head, I returned to Barlèsh” says Berardinelli.

The wine of the winemakers of Radda “53017”

One Territory, 25 winemakers, one soul.

25 cellars, 25 lands, 25 shades of Sangiovese from the municipality of Radda in Chianti have given life to a wine of excellence, balanced and representative of the territory.

An iconic bottle, created to express the collaboration between the producers of the Radda Winemakers Association and at the same time promote their bond with the Territory.

To carry out this special project, each “Winemaker” selected and shared 27 liters of their best Sangiovese, considered the main grape variety of Chianti Classico, and combined it with that of the other winemakers to produce the “53017”, the Sangiovese of the Winemakers of Radda. The name of the wine is dedicated to the postal code of Radda in Chianti. A unique project, a blend that then rests in the depths of the cellars of Castello di Albola before seeing the light in the special Magnum bottle format. Each bottle is numbered by hand to enhance its exclusivity and uniqueness.


The “Vignaioli di Radda” association has as its main aim the diffusion of the wine culture of Radda in Chianti, developing projects, in-depth meetings and events that support and spread excellent viticulture, with particular attention to organic cultivation and production and biodynamic.

The member companies are (2024):

Arillo in Terrabianca, Borgo la Stella, Borgo Salcetino, Brancaia, Caparsa, Albola Castle, Monterinaldi Castle, Radda Castle, Volpaia Castle, Castelvecchi, Colle Bereto, Cortedomina, Fattoria di Montemaggio, Istine, L’Erta di Radda, Montevertine, Podere Capaccia, Podere Terreno, Poggerino, Pruneto, Tenuta di Carleone, Tenute Selvolini, Val delle Corti, Via L’Inverno, Vignavecchia.