The Umbria Wine Tourism Movement invites all enthusiasts to join the summer events which will see a succession of tastings, walks and cultural meetings in the most evocative vineyards of the region

The Umbria Wine Tourism Movement is pleased to announce the 2024 edition of ” Open Vigneti “, a widespread event which during the summer season transforms Umbrian wineries into real centers of cultural and tourist attraction . Wine enthusiasts, wine lovers and visitors will be able to immerse themselves in a unique experience, exploring the beauty and traditions of one of the most fascinating wine regions in Italy.

This year’s edition stands out for a series of initiatives that range from picnics among the vineyards to outdoor lunches, from tastings of typical products to walks among the rows, from horseback riding to exhibitions , offering total immersion in the nature and culture of wine. Respect for the environment and the rediscovery of territories are at the center of every activity, promoting sustainable and engaging tourism. Giovanni Dubini , President of Movimento Turismo del Vino Umbria, underlines: ” Visits to the vineyard and cellar are not just tasting opportunities, but authentic educational and emotional experiences that enrich the visitor’s journey, showing the excellence of our wine production. Vigneti Aperti, despite being one of the most recent events at a national level, has already captured the interest of a transversal audience, attesting to growing participation year after year. This trend clearly demonstrates that the modern wine tourist seeks a complete, blending experience tasting with the discovery of the territory and an open dialogue with the producers .” The selection of wineries that will lead visitors to their vineyards is particularly rich and varied, reflecting the diversity and richness of the area’s wine heritage. Among these, the Carini winery , located near the picturesque Lake Trasimeno, is renowned not only for its fine wines. , but also for the spectacular ” big bench ” which offers an enchanting view, ideal for those seeking a visual experience as fascinating as the gustatory one. Continuing towards the heart of Umbria, we find the Chiorri winery , near Perugia guests can taste wines from the Colli Perugini DOC denomination and take the opportunity to explore the regional capital, famous for its history linked to chocolate and for the Casa del Cioccolato Perugina Not far away, under the historical shadows of Assisi, the Saio winery offers a complete immersion in the culture and spirituality of the place. Guests can visit the Basilica of San Francesco and the lesser-known, but fascinating, Bosco di San Francesco, which adds a touch of mysticism to the food and wine experience. In the Torgiano area, the Terre Margaritelli are also known for their proximity to the Lungarotti Wine and Oil Museum and the Brufa Sculpture Park, a combination that enhances the link between art and viticulture. Finally, in the municipality of Gualdo Cattaneo, the Terre de la Custodia invite visitors to discover the hidden treasures of Montefalco, with the possibility of visiting the historic Rocca and tasting the Cicotto di Grutti, a local specialty that further enriches the experience. Sunday wine brunches complete with DJ sets are the proposal of the Daniele Rossi winery , a precious wine-growing reality in Torgiano, in the province of Perugia. The Centumbrie winery at Podere Libera Lepre, in the Lake Trasimeno area, offers dinners and DJ sets in the middle of the agricultural farm, and until the end of the championship the screening of the main UEFA European Championship matches in the cellar. And again, the Di Filippo winery in Cannara, not far from Bevagna where the evocative event of the re-enactment of the Gaite market is held in June, offers dinners and concerts. Each winery offers a unique experience, inviting participants to completely immerse themselves in the winemaking and cultural traditions of Umbria, making Vigneti Aperti 2024 an unmissable edition for all lovers of Italian wine and culture. Through the Social Movement of Umbria Wine Tourism channels it is possible to find out about the proposals in detail of the participating Umbrian wineries.