In Sutrio the Cjarsòns Festival, the most typical dish of Carnia

Sunday 2 June.

Cjarsòns have distant and exotic roots, a sort of delicious ravioli, a symbolic dish of Carnia, intact Friulian mountains whose valleys have been crossed since time immemorial by trade, passage of people, cultures and ideas between the Adriatic Sea and beyond the Alps, towards present-day Carinthia and Bavaria. Their origin is linked to the cramârs , the street vendors of spices who, since the 18th century, crossed the Alps on foot to sell their precious and exotic merchandise purchased in Venice and placed in the crassigne , a sort of small wooden chest of drawers, in Germanic countries. which they carried like a backpack on their shoulders. When they returned home, it was a big celebration and the women prepared Cjarsòns , potato dough agnolotti with a ricotta-based filling mixed with a very rich variety of ingredients: spices, dried fruit, sultanas, oriental aromas, aromatic herbs… in short, what remained at the bottom of the drawers of the crassigne . Even today in Carnia there are many recipes for Cjarsòns , the filling of which varies not only from town to town but also from family to family: there are over 50 variations . Every housewife and every restaurant has their own, making the best use of the pantry and combining very fresh ingredients such as apples, potatoes, spinach, raisins, mint and spring herbs with spices. Final touch, the seasoning: a simple sprinkling of scuete fumade (smoked ricotta) and ont (melted butter).

Sutrio dedicates its now traditional early summer festival to this delicacy, “I Cjarsòns, the tradition of Carnia” , which this year will be held on Sunday 2 June . Walking among the 10 tasting islands set up in the most characteristic corners of the country, you will be able to taste the unusual flavors of this dish and get to know the different souls that characterize a food of certainly poor origin, but as complex and rich in ingredients as a plate of haute cuisine. 10 villages , representing all the valleys of Carnia, will each offer their own traditional recipe. It will thus be possible to taste savory or sweet cjarsòns , flavored with spring herbs or small flakes of chocolate, with lemon balm and onion or with dried pears and carobs, accompanied by the finest wines from large Friulian companies , selected for the occasion. In addition to the food stands, there are also activities for children, live music and a market with local products . The festival, which is part of the entertainment activities of the territory foreseen by the PNRR Borghi Announcement “Il Bosco nel Borgo-Il Borgo nel Bosco”, will be postponed to June 9th in case of bad weather.