Wineries from all over Italy, Moncalier tradition and heroic wines
From Wednesday 22 to Sunday 26 May 2024 Royal Castle of Moncalieri piazza Baden Baden 4, Moncalieri.
• Over 50 wineries and more than 200 labels present, discovering the great producers from all over Italy, Moncalierese viticulture and Eroici wines
• A widespread week, in the name of sustainability, including dinners in the restaurants of Moncalieri, masterclasses and music
The third edition of EnoWeek is starting in Moncalieri: throughout the city and in the Rose Garden of Moncalieri Castle , wineries from all over Italy talk about their wine excellences. From Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th May , the widespread week dedicated to wine is back with over 50 wineries and more than 200 labels, accompanied by the food and wine specialties of the Moncalierese area, with a special section dedicated to heroic wines including music, talks, tastings and large dinners.
The summer of the EnoWeek of the City of Moncalieri kicks off on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd May from 6.30pm in the Sala Antica of the Moncalieri City Council (entrance is from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 2), with a two-day free talks and masterclasses dedicated to the winemaking tradition of Moncalieri in (free entry on https://www.torinowineweek.it/enoweek) to discover local wines, paired with tapas and Piedmontese finger food of the Moncalierese tradition by the Pro Loco Moncalierese . We enter the heart of the event, from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th May, with the large dinners spread in the restaurants of Moncalieri which will offer dedicated or à la carte menus, combined with a selection of labels from the producers guests of the Enoweek. Three evenings to get to know new wineries from all over Italy : from the encounter between Sicilian gastronomy and Piedmontese wines at the Borgo Antico restaurant with the Ciabot winery, at the tables of the La Cadrega restaurant to welcome the labels of the Bosio winery , winemakers in Val di Susa , for a dinner dedicated to the rarest mountain wines, and then again Vin Bistrot and La Provinciale Bolgherese will combine their excellences for a unique evening, in a meeting between Piedmontese gastronomy and Bolgheri wines . A hat-trick also at Vicolo di Bacco, 4 courses paired with 4 wines. On May 22nd the Cantina Vite Colte , Barolo (CN) will be the guest, on May 23rd the Azienda Agricola Dante of Neive (CN) and on May 24th, Saraja , an agricultural company from Telti (SS).
Notes and wine will liven up the evening of Friday 24 May with the rich program of the Moncalierese Wine Night : in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, from 7pm to 10pm, the tasting around will be staged with over 10 leading wineries, 50 wines curated by Fisar Torino , accompanied by live music proposed by local artists including the Turin singer-songwriter Didie Caria, for a journey through rosés, artisanal wines and bubbles .
At the center of EnoWeek, the Wine Show, from 4pm to 11pm, scheduled for Saturday 25 May , thanks to over 50 guest companies from all over Italy . A photograph of the wine world from north to south, to get to know the whole of Italy’s wine in the floral setting of the Rose Garden inside the splendid Moncalieri Castle .
In the center of the event, heroic viticulture and producers who care about sustainability, care for the environment and the landscape and who produce high quality wines, among terraced vineyards, dry stone walls, high altitude vines and historic and native vines. Among the guest cellars , Podere La Cardinala , a place steeped in tradition and beauty on the Moncalieri hill with its seven hectares of fine French vines, cultivated with love and dedication, which tell the story of the terroir of the Turin hill. There will also be space for young entrepreneurs, such as Elisa Camusso, at the helm of the Autin winery in Barge (CN), who continues her father’s challenge, growing her own vines organically, in impervious terrain, through the union of native grape varieties and international. Also present among the guest producers from other regions of Italy is the Tenuta Baroni Campanino which is located in Assisi, in the green Umbrian Apennines, between 700 and 900 meters above sea level where Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Colorino and Malvasia are vinified by hand allowing the maximum expression of the terroir and the grape variety. Furthermore, to enrich the event, there will be a food proposal based on great local products thanks to Egregio and the RAM Cooperative of Moncalieri.
In particular , an entire area of the Wine Show will be dedicated to the heroic cellars where the notes of the music from the Pazza Idea DJ set will resonate.
During Saturday evening, the public will also have the opportunity to visit the Royal Apartments of Moncalieri Castle, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site , thanks to the free guided tours scheduled from 5.30pm to 9.30pm
In case of bad weather the event will be held in the splendid rooms of the Moncalieri Castle.
To end the widespread wine week in the city of Moncalieri in style , an event dedicated to romance for the Moncalieri couples who are celebrating their Silver Wedding this year. A unique day to celebrate your wedding anniversary in the company of the best Italian labels and the Moncalieri tradition, with an exclusive aperitif in the garden with a private visit to the Moncalieri Castle. The initiative was born with the support of the City of Moncalieri with partners Fisar Turin . Technical Sponsors: Acqua Lauretana and Grissinificio Feyles.