A wine tourism journey through winemaking excellence signed by Mattia Vezzola

Eight hundred souls told by D’Annunzio and Carducci, in the heart of Valtènesi, where the hills of morainic origin lean up to the shores of Lake Garda, exposed to the rising sun. Costaripa, a winemaking jewel since 1928, today led by the oenologist Mattia Vezzola. This land of glacial origin, ventilated by fresh morning breezes and characterized by a typically Mediterranean climate, was in 1896 the place of origin and suitable land for the first great Italian rosé wines. An enchanted territory, outlined by the soft contours and soft colors of roses and lavender, already historically divided into the Riviera dei Castelli and the Riviera dei Limoni. Respecting a tradition that has been renewed for almost a hundred years, Costaripa today represents the respectful spirit of oenological research, where contemporary technologies blend perfectly with ancient methodologies to create wines of unparalleled uniqueness. In this corner of the world, where time seems to slow down and where the rhythms of nature take over, Costaripa invites wine lovers and enthusiasts to experience the magic of a territory that teaches us to savor the pleasures of life, between history, culture and unforgettable wines . All enthusiasts are guided, through tasting itineraries, on real journeys within a territory that manages to bring out the best notes of some rare vines such as Groppello Gentile. The wine tourism experience offered by Costaripa begins in the historic vineyards and then winds through the winery’s production path and ends with a guided tasting of four wines, through which it is possible to understand the unattainable elegance of rosés and the search for the uniqueness of each bottle, given by manual processing in the vineyard and in the cellar. Each sip tells of a biodiversity that is expressed in wines of rare flavor, harmony and aromatic complexity. In this unique setting, unforgettable experiences took place, capable of enchanting visitors and involving them in a timeless sensorial dimension. Among these, the tasting in the suggestive and historic barrel room of the Costaripa winery organized on the occasion of special and exclusive events, a magical place where the light of the candles alone reveals the silent presence of the ancient white oak barrels, in which the wines of the the company, from the Classic Method to the entire line of rosé wines. Guests here had the opportunity to savor Mattia Vezzola’s high-quality sparkling wines, immersed in an intimate and enveloping atmosphere that transports them back in time and celebrates the rich winemaking tradition of the place. These memorable tastings have made the memory of Costaripa an indelible symbol of excellence and history. The visit to Costaripa can then extend to the discovery of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the historic residence of Gabriele D’Annunzio transformed into a museum, where the poet’s literary spirit harmonizes with lush gardens and a breathtaking view of the lake. The Island of Garda, a small paradise accessible by boat, which over the centuries has welcomed figures such as Saint Francis of Assisi and Dante Alighieri. It is possible to explore the lush botanical garden and the elegant neo-Gothic-Venetian style villa. The ancient paper mills of Toscolano, which since 17 October 1381 have demonstrated the creativity and intelligent evolution of paper production in a context of extraordinary natural beauty.